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    Mr. Harris is passionate about protecting his client’s rights while ensuring justice and fairness prevail.

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A fierce advocate for the underdog, Mr. Harris has earned a reputation throughout the Central Valley for successfully defending his clients even in the toughest cases. When you're facing serious criminal charges and your future is on the line, you can count on us to fight fiercely on your behalf and give your case the full attention it deserves.

We Take the Tough Cases Others Don't Want

While our firm serves clients facing a full range of charges from small misdemeanors to felonies, Miles A. Harris is especially known for his work with clients accused of serious criminal charges, including violent crimes, weapons charges, gang crimes, major drug crimes, etc. As many of these charges come with enhanced penalties with far-reaching impacts, Mr. Harris knows what's at stake for defendants facing these charges—and his intimate knowledge of the criminal court system makes him the perfect advocate to fight back on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected in the process.

What You Can Expect

Mr. Harris is extremely committed to the needs of his clients, making himself available at all hours of the day or night if need be. He's also an attorney who pulls no punches, whether in the courts or with his clients. When you hire him as your defense attorney, Mr. Harris will give you the unvarnished truth about your case, letting you know exactly what's at stake in the court battle ahead so you and your family can be fully prepared. He'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of your case, how the prosecution is likely to move forward, and what your options are for a positive resolution. Once you've settled on a strategy and game plan, he'll work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

Fighting Fiercely on Your Behalf

Why are we so fierce about protecting our clients' rights? Because Mr. Harris knows the criminal justice framework inside and out, and he understands how easy it is for people to be unfairly accused and disproportionately punished within the system. Mr. Harris also has extensive experience with the judges and prosecutors working in this system, so he can accurately anticipate their strategies and devise effective countermoves. As a result, he's gained a solid track record for securing even surprising outcomes for his clients that few would reasonably expect.

The Law Office of Miles A. Harris, Esq. Is Here for You

When you're accused of a serious crime and need a fierce advocate and staunch ally, Miles A. Harris is the attorney to call. Call our offices today at 559-492-9572.


Miles A. Harris represents clients throughout the Central Valley area, including the counties of Fresno, Tulare, Merced, Madera, and Kings, as well as throughout the state of California.