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Juvenile Offenses

While California law treats juvenile offenses differently than adult crimes, being charged as a juvenile is far from “safe.” Being convicted of a crime, even as a minor, can have far-reaching implications long after the child comes of age. If you are a minor accused of a crime, or if you have a son or daughter facing juvenile charges, you need a strong legal ally in your corner to make sure the child's rights are protected. Attorney Miles A. Harris has extensive experience defending minors facing charges ranging from mild to serious. He understands how the juvenile court system works, and he is committed to working fiercely on behalf of his younger clients to ensure the best possible outcome while protecting their future.

Why You Need an Attorney Skilled in Juvenile Defense

Being charged as a juvenile in California doesn't automatically mean a lighter sentence, nor does it guarantee the conviction won't follow the child into adulthood. Some of the risks involved with juvenile offenses:

  • Juveniles can still be tried as adults—even as young as age 14. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the charges, judges can opt to try certain teenagers as adults, making them eligible for extended sentencing.
  • Juveniles have a better chance of being unfairly punished. Most minors don't have enough understanding of the court system to know if they are being treated fairly, which makes them more vulnerable. Only a skilled attorney knows how to protect their rights.
  • Juveniles entering the penal system are at higher risk for repeat offenses. Entering “the system,” especially at a younger age, can set a young person up for an unhealthy pattern of crime and imprisonment when they come of age.

How We Can Help with Juvenile Offenses

Miles A. Harris is passionate about making sure his clients have a fair shake in the system—especially so for the younger ones. He understands the inner workings of the California courts (both juvenile and adult), and he has years of experience with the judges and prosecutors involved. He will let you and your family know clearly what is at stake with the criminal charges, what your options are, and the best pathways forward. He will also work aggressively to put the defendant at the best advantage with the court system both now and in the future. Some options include:

  • Arguing to make sure the defendant is tried as a juvenile, not as an adult
  • Negotiating for reduction and/or dropping of charges
  • Negotiating plea deals, where applicable
  • Working to have juvenile criminal records sealed or destroyed when the defendant turns 18 (to avoid having the record follow him/her into adulthood)

Don't let juvenile charges derail your child's future. Miles A. Harris is passionate about protecting the rights of the vulnerable in juvenile cases. Call our offices at 559-492-9572 to see how we can help.


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