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Miles A. Harris

Serving criminal defense clients in Fresno, Merced, Madera, and throughout California's Central Valley, attorney Miles A. Harris has a well-earned reputation for his no-nonsense approach and his willingness to ruffle feathers in the courtroom when necessary. Focusing his efforts mainly on tougher cases involving violent crimes, Mr. Harris is passionate about protecting his clients' rights while ensuring that justice and fairness prevail.

After becoming a licensed attorney in 2005, Mr. Harris spent a year working in the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office, followed by five years in business litigation, before following his true passion for criminal defense law. Since establishing his own firm in 2011, he has positioned himself as the “go-to” defense lawyer in the Central Valley for serious felony charges, including gang charges, violent crimes, drug charges, and weapons charges.

In his spare time, Mr. Harris is a huge fan of music, arts, fishing, and spending time with his kids. A single father of four himself, he is passionate about helping young men develop fathering skills, and he practices that passion through funding a free online resource for Father Skills Training through the National Fatherhood Alliance Fathering in 15 Program.

Miles A. Harris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University, and his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, CA.

Awards and Recognitions

2001--Court Appointed Special Advocate to represent best interests of abused and neglected children in the juvenile court system

2013--State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition for '40 Under 40' Class of 2013

2017-2020 - American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys - 10 Best Client Satisfaction

2019 - American Institute of Trial Lawyers - Litigator of the Year (Criminal Law)

If you have been charged with a crime in the Fresno area, Miles A. Harris is here to help. Call our offices today at 559-492-9572.


  • 5 Stars - Cares About Your Freedom

    Miles Harris is definitely a five star lawyer who cares about your freedom. I am a happy client. I recommend him to anyone who is trying to fight their case!
  • 5 Stars - Best Attorney

      Hands down the best attorney! Really appreciate everything he did for me!
  • 5 Stars - He will get you through it

    Hands down!! Look no further. When in doubt, trust Miles A. Harris he will get you through it!
  • 5 Stars - fights for his clients

    Miles Harris is not only an amazing attorney he is also an amazing person. During my case, he was always professional and very down to earth. He doesn't beat around the bush and tells you how it is. He worked very hard and the results were able to keep me home with my family. I am beyond grateful...
  • 5 stars - reunited our family

    If I could give 100 stars to Mr. Harris I would without a doubt. Through a major family crisis, Mr. Harris went above and beyond to reunite our family. Thank you for everything Mr. Harris and for having a wonderful and helpful staff, Alissia the receptionist was always very helpful as well. Highl...
  • 5 Stars - Puts in the work!

    I'm grateful for the support I've been given. Second chances are too far and in between, if rarely ever given. Miles put in the work because I put in the work. Nothing earned is ever easily attained. Integrity is what he and I both highly value.
  • 5 stars - best in the field

    I would like to thank Mr. Harris on behalf of my husband and our family. Mr. Harris went over and beyond with his time and effort as he represented my husband during his trial and his resentencing hearings. His knowledge of the law allowed for my husband to be granted a 7-year reduction in his se...
  • 5 Stars - I’d Trust Him With My Life

    Miles Harris is the GOAT! I swear he is worth it, I'd trust him with my life! He got my uncle a second chance at life. We appreciate you so much. The Galloway family would choose you to rep any of us. WE WON Y'ALL!!
  • 5 Stars - highly recommend

    Miles Harris is the BEST!!!! I highly recommend him if you're looking for an attorney TRUST IN MILES HARRIS, HE GOT YOU!!!!
  • 5 Stars- extremely knowledgable

    Attorney Harris represented my nephew in a high stakes trial. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert as a defense attorney. I was very impressed with Attorney Harris' expertise and up to date knowledge of the current laws applicable in my nephew's case. Attorney Harris always demonstrated th...
  • 5 stars - You Won’t Regret It

    Mr. Harris is the REAL deal!!! He kept me from letting a big mistake ruin my life and kept me home with my family. I am really thankful. My entire family thanks you! Give him a call for any legal advice or troubles- you won't regret it!
  • 5 Stars- Genuinely has your back

    Miles Harris is a great lawyer, if you want a lawyer that genuinely has your back he is your guy. The way he even stands at the podium when he's calling your case is like he's standing next to you ready for war! 2019 Miles Harris had a felony cases dismissed for me. I can genuinely say that court...
  • 5 Stars - Straight Forward and Honest

    I would highly recommend Mr. Harris if you need an attorney. For my family, it was the first time we were facing a serious case like this. He was straight  forward and honest which I really appreciate. He will not baby you, so don't expect it. He kept up with the case for nearly two years and in ...
  • 5 Stars- he fights for you, he wins for you

    He's the best at what he does, He's a very good attorney, I've seen him at his best in the court room. He gets right to the point,up forward he's on top of things to get it done, as long as I've known him, he's never lost a case, he's the man, he fights for you, he wins for you.
  • 5 Stars - Amazing Lawyer and Person

    If you are looking for someone to get the job done, then this is the person that you would want to hire to represent you all that way. He is an amazing lawyer, amazing person, and just all around straight forward guy. I am very pleased to the fullest with his work, so make sure to check him out i...
  • 5 Stars - Best fresno has to offer

    Mr. Harris was very attentive to my needs. I had the pleasure of having Mr. Harris represent me over the course of a year and for that year I received updates from his receptionist to keep me informed about my case and even had Mr. Harris call me about updates and to set up my case. I had a wonde...
  • 5 stars - Takes His Job Very Seriously

    Big shout out to Mr. Harris! He has done the best work. My man was looking at some charges and he got all charges against him dismissed. Meeting Harris was amazing. He comes off hard because he takes his job very seriously- but he has such a great personality. His staff is also amazing- they work...
  • 5 Stars - Will Defend you at the Highest Level

    Amazing experience with Mr. Harris. He made me feel comfortable and confident with my case. He came to see me when I was locked up and reviewed things with me and gave me good advice that helped me with my case. Highly recommend him for anyone going through legal troubles. He will defend you at t...
  • 5 Stars - takes time to listen

    I can honestly say Miles Harris is hands down the best attorney in town. I am a domestic violence victim and going through a very traumatic experience is very difficult. In the beginning, I did not have an attorney and the other party did. The other party and his attorney took advantage of that a...
  • 5 Stars - Respected Throughout the Courts

    Miles Harris Esq. is the most competent Family Law Attorney I've experienced. After consulting other attorneys' in the Fresno area I thought I had picked the right one, until I met Mr. Harris. He token my case during a grueling domestic violence trial and succeeded! Mr. Harris knowledgable, focus...
  • 5 Stars - Knowledgeable

    Very straightforward, knowledgeable, and will tell you like it is.
  • 5 Stars - Outstanding

    Miles did an outstanding job, made me feel very confident in and out the court room. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. He went above and beyond to make sure all of my expectations and concerns were handled as soon as possible. I spoke with multiple defense attorneys and none of them ma...
  • 5 Stars - Trustworthy

    My attorney on all my cases since 2011. Well known and respected in and out of the courtroom. Trustworthy and very knowledgeable.
  • 5 Stars - Highly Recommend

    I got pulled over for not having my turning light on as I was turning, then the ticket turned into something ridiculous with me ending up in criminal court. Miles was able to get the case dismissed swiftly. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Harris because I don't have a good driving record and this ...
  • 5 Stars - Showed He Cared And The Results Proved It

    I'm glad I hired Miles to represent me on a messy child custody battle. He got me exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend his services. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for my family.
  • 5 Stars - Highly Recommend

    We hired Miles for a domestic violence charge for my son. We were very pleased with the outcome. He was there the whole time and took time to explain everything and over again if we didn't understand. I personally would highly recommend
  • 5 Stars - Highly Recommended Attorney

    I've had expert and superior service from Miles with 2 separate manners and he was able to change the outcome significantly both times. I would highly recommend anyone who is in need of a lawyer to call Miles. He will make your case a lot easier and with little to no affect to anyone's daily life.
  • 5 Stars - Professional

    Represented me in a professional manner. I highly recommend his services. Both in the courtroom and out the courtroom.
  • 5 Stars - Straightforward And Focused

    Took time to explain what was happening in my husband's case. Didn't give me the run around or give us unreal expectations. Wish I had hired him from the beginning.
  • 5 Stars - Amazing Experience

    Amazing experience, very professional and treated us like family.
  • 5 Stars - Not Afraid To Push Back

    I knew I got the right man for the job when no matter how many deceptive and dishonest actions the officers and the D.A. took in my case, Mr. Harris wasn't afraid to stand up and push back. I needed a REAL advocate and that's what I got.
  • 5 Stars - He Cares…

    I was referred to Mr. Harris by a close friend and immediately knew he's not like these other Fresno attorneys. You see it as soon as he walks in the courtroom. I was facing life exposure on my case and threats from the street. Mr. Harris did what it took to get to the truth and keep me free. He ...
  • 5 Stars - Mr. Harris Fights For Your Rights And To Have A Fair Trial

    Miles Harris has helped me with 2 dui. He kept me out of jail and fought for my freedom.
  • 5 Stars - Got To The Truth

    Miles was an aggressive and persistent attorney. He listened to what I wanted for my son, who was facing prison time for a DV case. The case was a farce his kids' mother, was the aggressor called and lied. My son did his time for violating probation. Without Miles' excellent work and our families...
  • 5 Stars - Great Attorney

    I've known Miles for about 5 years. He has helped me on a few business issues. The last one was a labor dispute against a former employee that was stealing. It involved a court case and Miles negotiated in and out of court to resolve it. (I have had a few attorneys over the years and they have al...
  • 5 Stars - Saved My Life

    My kids are everything to me and Mr. Harris brought them home. Everyone discouraged me as a father fighting for his kids. Mr. Harris reassured me and got me better results than I ever expected. His advice was invaluable. I owe him big time and can never thank him enough.
  • 5 Stars - Excellent!!!

    I owe him big time and I can't thank him enough.
  • 5 Stars - Nothing But Professional

    Miles Harris is definitely the best lawyer hands down. Mr. Harris was nothing but professional the whole way he cared about my case and made sure he did everything he could to resolve it. I would definitely hire him again and would not hesitate to refer him to any and everyone I know. If you're l...
  • 5 Stars - Took Care Of Business

    Miles got in there and took care of business for me. I would definitely recommend him for any and all criminal cases as well as child custody. I'm a satisfied client.
  • 5 Stars - Excellent Work

    He got me way more then I could ever think I could get.  He went way above my expectations on my child support case. Highly recommend Miles A. Harris. He is the man!
  • 5 Stars - Gets It Done Always!

    Miles is an excellent and very reliable attorney. He has represented me on two very major cases. He is always informing you on what it is going on every step of the way. Always making deals even when court is in recess to make sure his client is in the best position possible. I ended up with lite...
  • 5 Stars - The Man!

    I just want to take a second to recognize Mr. Harris.  Since I hired him with my case he has taken every effort to keep me home with my family. One more court date and this nonsense will be over. He has been a blessing to me and my family keeping me home with my 3 girls and my fiance two boys whe...
  • 5 Stars - Reliable And Honest Lawyer

    Miles is very honest and professional. He was relentless in helping me solve my case. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Miles to anyone that needs a lawyer who truly cares.
  • 5 Stars - Great Lawyer And Person

    He is very informative and good at what he does. Very honest and polite person. I would definitely recommend him to anybody whether it be a small or big case. He is absolutely the right man to hire. Miles Harris has defended me on a few cases and has never let me down.
  • 5 Stars - A Real Defense Attorney

    Mr. Harris was committed from start to finish. He took the time to make sure my family knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. I felt comfortable knowing he was in my corner every step of the way. WE DID IT!
  • 5 Stars - The Best At What He Does

    Mr. Harris helped me to obtain full custody of my two children. I was charged up at first, but he was able to put me at ease and tell me exactly what needed to be done. I trusted in Mr. Harris. I am glad I chose him as my lawyer. Thank you.
  • 5 Stars - HIGHLY Recommended!

    Miles Harris is hands down the best attorney in the state of California, highly recommended through out the state.
  • 5 Stars - Only Name I Would Ever Trust

    The BEST attorney in town.  Saved me in many cases would highly recommend.  Very friendly and helpful to his clients.  Overall great guy and would recommend him to everyone.  Any contact with law enforcement, there is only one name I would ever trust.  Mr. Harris has gotten me through multiple me...
  • 5 Stars - Very Straightforward

    First and best lawyer ever.  I don't have one complaint.  He's very straightforward and to the point.  If you want someone who will fight for your freedom and rights, please call this man.  You won't be let down.
  • 5 Stars - Takes Time to Explain

    Mr. Harris is a great lawyer!  He always made sure we understood everything that was going on with our case.  He always stood in contact with us.  He went the extra mile.  We highly recommend him.  A GREAT lawyer!!!
  • 5 Stars - Top of the list!

    Miles Harris is top of the list!  He has done the impossible for us!  Him and his team really made things happen.  They always made sure to keep in contact with us, and continually updated us about our case.  I'd like to add that David was also an impact on this case as well!  Positive, genuine, ...
  • 5 Stars - He'll Fight for You

    When I was wrongfully arrested and charged for a serious crime, Mr. Harris went to work right away.  He is professional and great at what he does.  Less than a month, I'm free with no worries.  Case Dismissed!  Try Harris, he'll fight for you.
  • 5 Stars - Really Great Lawyer

    Miles is a really great lawyer awesome.  He will definitely get the job done.  I couldn't ask for anyone better.  I appreciate him for everything.
  • 5 Stars - Record speaks for itself

    He's one of the best lawyers the I've known.  His record speaks for itself.  I recommend him to anyone.  He gives his all 100+ percent.  He's helped a lot of ppl, even me through some tuff times.  He's an excellent person to have on ur team.
  • 5 Stars - Makes you feel at ease

    I deeply grateful for Mr. Harris coming to the rescue.  Being lost in the court process with a questionable attorney on the other side.  Mr. Harris stepped up to make sure me and my baby were safe.  He is always willing to take the extra time to explain things and makes me feel confident every ti...
  • 5 Stars - Miles Harris is the G.O.A.T.

    Miles Harris is the G.O.A.T.  I swear he is worth it.  I'll trust him with my life.  He got my uncle a second chance at life with a successful appeal.  We appreciate you so much!
  • 5 Stars - Exceeds Expectations

    I am very grateful for the help I always receive from Miles Harris.  For over 5 years, I have needed his services and as always, the services exceed my expectations.  Any time I need him, he is always available to help quickly, and with a high level of professionalism.  Mr. Harris is always just ...
  • 5 Stars - Best Lawyer and Experience!!

    Absolute BEST lawyer and experience!!  I was immediately put at ease.  I would recommend Mr. Harris to anybody that needs any legal help!!!!  Very reasonable and he was very professional all the way through.   Alway kept me informed.  Mr. Harris I am extremely grateful for you!!  Thank you for al...
  • 5 Stars - Thank you Miles Harris!

    Gave me great reassurance and understanding of my rights and options.  Highly recommended if you need thorough service.  Thank you Miles Harris!

    Mr. Harris goes above and beyond for his clients and is always willing to lend a hand. He is able to empathize but still keep it professional.  He is able to provide the best information available for each unique situation.  He simply makes things happen.  
  • 5 Stars - Effective!

    Miles Harris has been a huge support during my trial for the last 2 1/2 years.  His effectiveness and accuracy has been nothing short of beneficial in my case!  Miles always stayed in contact and if it wasn't himself it was his secretary Alissia.  I highly recommend... Best lawyer ever!  I cannot...
  • 5 Stars - Sets Himself Apart

    Mr. Harris sets himself apart by caring the way he does.  He took the time to get to know us and showed us he is a VERY skilled lawyer.  His professionalism is beyond outstanding.  He knows the law and looks out for his clients.  I'll just put it like this, I'm very grateful the Lord himself sent...


Miles A. Harris represents clients throughout the Central Valley area, including the counties of Fresno, Tulare, Merced, Madera, and Kings, as well as throughout the state of California.